Graphic Communication

To guarantee that your advertising items impress your consumer´s mind, they have to be very attractive on application, image and durability we want to provide your brand the adequate solutions, these are our different options:


The principal function of the P.O.S. advertising is to make your products visible at the point of sale, we use alternative durable and innovative substrates that let your brand impress with high quality impression and a remarkable design.
Some examples: price tag, display boards, hanging signs, POS display.


It´s the perfect way to give loyalty to you brand apart from the product, the idea with the promotional products, is to activate the purchase or to get an expected response from the consumer.
Some examples: Key tags, pens, clips, rulers, notebooks.


Security and durability are the principal characteristics of these kind of products, to give you that we use the ideal substrate: TESLIN.
Some examples: company id, gift cards, presentation cards.


The package is one of the most important parts of your products, so they deserve and special care, at Papelcard we help you doing that.


Tags are important because they describe, identify, and differentiate the product; to do that we have different options such as TESLIN which is ideal for inmold labels.

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